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Why Repair Your Deck 

There are a few reasons why it’s important to repair your deck:

  1. It will prolong the life of your deck.
  2. It will keep it looking nice and new.
  3. It will help avoid any costly repairs in the future.
  4. It will make your deck safer to use.

If you don’t have a regular maintenance program for your deck, then now is the time to start! Call Your Deck Pros today for a free consultation and estimate. We offer professional and quality workmanship, as well as customer service second-to-none! Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality product and experience possible when installing your deck or porch quickly and efficiently while providing you with excellent customer service. Don’t wait another day! Call Your Deck Pros today for your free estimate. We are here to help you improve the value of your home, save money, and keep the homes look nice and new for many years to come.

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Common Deck Repairs

Rotten Wood Replacement

One of the most common problems with decks is water damage. This can be caused by a number of things, such as rain, snow, and ice. If you don’t have a regular maintenance program for your deck, then it will quickly deteriorate and become unsafe to use.

Another common problem is termite damage. Termites can quickly eat away at the wood, causing extensive damage that can be very costly to repair.

If you don’t have a regular maintenance program for your deck, then it will quickly deteriorate and become unsafe to use.

Paint can also be an issue. If paint is peeling or chipping, it means water has gotten under the paint and caused damage beneath the surface of the wood. This often leads to rot and even termite damage.

Before you replace your deck, consider having it repaired. It may cost a bit more now, but it will save you money in the long run as well as prolonging the life of your deck.

If damage to your deck is extensive, then replacement might be what needs to be done. However, if your deck is new or has only some minor problems, then repairing it will help avoid any costly repairs in the future.

Deck Sanding

Deck sanding is a process that is used to remove the old finish from a deck, as well as to smooth out the surface of the wood. It is usually done before a new finish is applied.

Decks need to be sanded every three to five years, if not more often. When wood is exposed to the elements (rain, dew, and sun), it becomes very dry and cracks form. These cracks usually begin on the end of boards and then work their way toward the center as they continue to dry out. Eventually, you will see parts of your deck start to peel away from the boards. If you don’t seal or at least sand these areas, this constant lifting can eventually cause more serious problems which may require a new deck entirely.

Replacing Nails

Nails are a common type of fastener that are used to attach two pieces of wood together. Over time, nails can become loose and start to pull out of the wood. This can cause the wood to split and eventually fall apart. Nails are also a main cause of deck failure. If nails are not used properly or are driven into the wood at an angle, they can split the wood. This leads to future problems because, as mentioned above, nails have a tendency to pull out over time.

Sealing Cracks

Sealing cracks on a deck is an important part of keeping it looking nice and in good condition. If you have any cracks on your deck, you should seal them as soon as possible. Sealing cracks prevents water from getting into the wood, which can cause the wood to rot and decay. It’s also important to seal cracks because it will make your deck look nicer and last longer.

If you’re not sure how to seal cracks on a deck, Your Deck Pros can help. We have years of experience sealing cracks on decks, and we know the best way to do it so that the deck lasts for many years. We also offer a warranty on all of our work, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality work.